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Welcome to   Korkmaz  PRODUCTION

You have made the right decision

Video Trailer increase you website sales



Gelesen. Filme on the Internet is increasingly seen, by contrast, like. Wie it mentions " A picture is worth a thousand words " movies on your site, please give brief and concise and stir emotions - and the evidence leads directly to more sales. Studien that the click rate to a video trailer for a thousand percent higher than on any advertising banners is. Ein video trailers on your site increases awareness, builds more confidence and takes off the site off the mass.

Video trailer for small and large companies use a necessary marketing companies Instrument. Viele not have any video trailers on your Website. Denn, advertising agencies charge for missing part , and ten thousand productions between fünf Euro. Schließlich on knows the expensive commercials on television and video trailers found only in large companies on the site.

FACT : On Video - Trailer is up to ten times more clicks than on traditional advertising such as banners or text ads.

Korkmaz  PRODUCTION offers to your web-business-quality video - trailer set for sensational reduced prices to your website ( home page ) .

A website with video and audio content and services your business presents live very well and provides much greater sales.

Let your business and services through our quality video - trailers on its website.


The future is very close


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